The book they said couldn't be written.
Wait, that's wrong... it was hoped. They hoped it wouldn't be written. Yet despite their rabid hopingness, it was. And I wrote it! Ha!
Temporary Libraries: A Self Interview for Reasons that will Become Painfully Clear, by Jim Diorio, is now available in Paperback and e-Book at,,, amazon.mars, amazon.heaven... you name it!
What's it about? 
Oh, about 80 pages, the length of, say, a shorter migraine. And a little over 10 bucks U.S., or $466 Canadian.
Ha,ha. Very funny. Stop wasting my time, Jim, I've got a chicken in the oven that needs basting. What's it really about? 
From the back cover:
Wrestling with middle age (who, of course, is a way better wrestler), and what, if anything, it all meant, a man asks himself — literally — to help him find the answer through a long interview. His interviewer agreeably plunges in, only to quickly realize, as the answers unravel, that he must distance himself from himself before they both go insane. A masterclass in cringeworthiness, this mercifully short book makes an irrefutable argument for why self-publishing should be regulated.
Who's it for?
— Anyone needing laughs of the very best kind: at someone else’s expense 
— Anyone needing to instantly feel better about themselves, their choices, even their wardrobe— Anyone who recently found a ten dollar bill in an old pair of pants
In all seriousness, I hope you can find a moment to check it out. It might give you a few laughs or maybe even more, which is the only reason I wrote it. We sure need 'em.
Thanks so much, really. Now get back to that chicken! (Insert tired joke about "Master Baster" here.)
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