FairSquare Realty: New Brand Launch, January 2022
A major new real estate brand arrives in 2022, and while all realtors say they're different, this one puts its money where its mouth is: it doesn't charge commission, saving you tens of thousands of dollars. That's pretty fair and square, I'd say.
I was asked by Jacknife to write the launch: TV, radio, main website and social blurbs, outdoor ads and more. Our goal was to be very clear and direct that there's a new way home. And they agreed.
This is a small sample of all we did. Break a leg, FairSquare.
Radio Ad

Saskatchewan Environmental Association, "Sidewalk Tax", Oct. 2021
Saskatchewan is the only province that taxes electric vehicles. But as it's oil country, it's a hard place to get people to care about this. 
As freelance copywriter and creative director, I created an equally ludicrous tax, designed to get attention. And it did: according to government insiders, "it's embarrassing the current government, working to add pressure... and if another province is thinking of an EV tax and looks at Saskatchewan, what comes out is backlash."
Sample pages of microsite
Radio Ads
Press Release and Coverage
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