Copywriting from a Copywriter. Happy, Google?

There’s this thing called SEO, Search Engine Optimization. It decides how much Google likes you. (Google also wants LOTS of copy, at least 300 words per page. So, all this.) Anyway, Google ranks your site by how well it reflects the search terms that people use — in my case, terms like “looking for copywriting services,” “Toronto copywriting,” “Toronto Freelance Copywriter, “Speechwriter.” This is why so much business and marketing writing online sounds the same. It's written for search engine brains, not emotion-driven human ones. However, it's unexpected, unmistakably human writing that emotion-driven human brains respond to. That’s my first goal for you as a freelance copywriter. An emotional response. The marketer’s #1 goal -- yes, even in the just-the-facts world of B2B. Goal 2? When people meet you online, on the radio, in a speech or an ad, I’ll make sure you grab them, keep them, and give them not just the message you want them to have, but the feeling, too. As for Goal 3, results: having helped raise $520 million to fight cancer and launch Ontario’s number one wine — with just the label copy, zero ads  — I aim for effectiveness as much as a distinctive, hard-working voice. Read some of my copywriting, then read my testimonials. They’re from some of the top clients and professionals in Canada and worldwide. Then, let’s work together. Then, after you’re delighted with the copy, I’ll make sure Google is, too.