Unflood Ontario
Launch video for campaign launching Spring 2021. Freelance Copywriter and Creative Direction.
Art direction: Inna Gertsberg.
Unflood Ontario
Simple, handmade animation is a smart idea if you want people to think your product or idea is simple and doa-able. Three videos of a series made for a new campaign launching Spring 2021.
Freelance Copywriter. Animation: Inna Gertsberg.

Text Now U.S. Campaign

This Waterloo-based tech upstart needed ads as fun as they are. 
Freelance Copywriter. Agency: Jacknife.

Nokia Inc., "Networks Keep Us Going"
I was asked to put together Nokia's worldwide statement at a unique time. Concept, script, creative direction.

Nokia Inc., "FP4"

B2B Video to network operators and engineers. Concept, script, creative direction.

Continuity-X Launch Video
The video was inspired by the name and the promise: continuity for your business even under the toughest cyber attack. B2B New Company Launch. Script, co-creative direction. Jim Diorio, Freelance Copywriter,  and Inna Gertsberg

Green Future Fund Videos

I wrote and created a series of four simple videos on my Mac. They raised $180,000 for environmental groups.
It can be done. Copywriting and Production.
NOKIA: Go Allwhere Global Campaign

Kudos to Nokia for showing whimsy and imagination. Oh, and for being named Marketer of the Year, too.
Jim Diorio, Freelance Copywriter, and Inna Gertsberg, Art Direction. 
Canada became the only market in the world where the M-Class out-sold its Lexus competitor.
Copywriter. Agency: Roche Macaulay & Partners
Business went up 128% after this fun campaign ran. Freelance Copywriter. Agency: Jacknife Design

Creation of Canada's first national reading campaign. Creative Direction and Copywriter. Agency: Manifest.
Copywriter. Winner, Applied Arts Magazine Annual, Promotional Design.
IKEA: Try Something Different Campaign
Ad campaign for the global market. Copywriter. Art Direction: Jason Kinsella
Agency: Roche Macaulay & Partners
IKEA: Swedish Solutions Campaign
10-second ads that let the retailer push individual products in a creative way.
Copywriter. Art Direction: Jason Kinsella, Dave Federico
Agency: Roche Macaulay & Partners
That poor actor earned his money that day.
Manifest Communications. Creative Direction, Copywriter.
Art Direction: Shawn Murenbeeld
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