Jim Diorio, Toronto Freelance Copywriter, and Inna Gertsberg, Agency
Legendary for their cellphones but with almost no market awareness of their back-end networking capabilities, Nokia asked me as freelance copywriter and freelance Art Director Inna Gertsberg to develop their biggest-ever B2B campaign. We created a world called "Allwhere" because in the next Industrial Revolution all the devices and people and places everywhere will be connected. It ran in dozens of countries in video, outdoor advertising, digital and more.
A billboard in, you guessed it, New York city.
We created and printed a storybook for the global launch.
Nokia was named business marketer of the year, 2019.
REBRANDING: Headwaters Tourism
Touchwood Design. Copywriting, Co-Creative Direction. Best Publication, Print or Digital, 2015, 2016 and 2017 Economic Developers Council of Ontario. 
This editorial and branding campaign was repeatedly celebrated in Ontario's annual tourism marketing awards, but more importantly started putting this beautiful region onto the tourism and foodie map. As freelance copywriter I wrote and researched every detail in these publications, made videos, and launched the campaign at press events.
I like hiding little copywriting surprises like the one below here and there: readers come across them and get an unexpected smile.
Press giveaway: manure.
I also co-created about 20 ads for local municipalities, attractions, shops and more.
TV: Canadian Museum for Human Rights
Manifest Communications. Creative Direction/Copywriting. Art Direction: Inna Gertsberg
The best ideas are always the simplest and I think this one qualifies. 
Roche Macaulay and Partners. Copywriting. Art Director: Marisa Maestenbroek 
Working on IKEA TV advertising is a dream for a copywriter because they insist you try to be as clever and unexpected as their products. This ad launched their home office business.
TV: IKEA (Germany)
Roche Macaulay & Partners. Copywriting. Art Direction: Jason Kinsella, Dave Federico
I prefer to keep barbecue sauce in my own drawer, but we're all different.
TV: National Reading Campaign 
Manifest Communications. Creative Direction, Copywriting. Art Direction: Trevor Mann
We created this and many more videos for $0, all in-house, and they stood out like crazy:
sometimes quiet is the best way to make noise.
RADIO: Einstein Brothers Bagels (U.S.)
Roche Macaulay & Partners. Copywriting.
I went to Nebraska to work in a bagel shop for a weekend. Advertising is so exotic. The radio ads and outdoor ads helped sales for this chain grow 17% in the first six months.​​​​​​​
RADIO: The Co-operators Insurance
Roche Macaulay & Partners. Copywriting. Featured on Terry O'Reilly's The Age of Persuasion
RADIO: H&M U.S. Launch
Roche Macaulay & Partners. Copywriting.
BRANDING, CAMPAIGN: Canadian Stem Cell Foundation
Manifest Communications. Creative Direction.
This digital effort to raise awareness and corporate support won the Webby (the "Oscars of the Internet") for Public Service.

Users could sign a cell of support, send it off into a dynamic floating universe, and "cell a friend".
NEWSPAPER: Williams Sonoma/Pottery Barn (US)
Roche Macaulay & Partners. Copywriting​​​​​​​. Art Direction: Dave Federico. 
This was bravely commissioned by the retailer for the first Thanksgiving after 911. 
NEWSPAPER: Mercedes-Benz M-Class
Roche Macaulay & Partners. Copywriting. Art Direction: Dave Federico
Our work on the M-Class was recognized by the automaker as helping Canada be the only market in the world where this SUV outsold the Lexus. 
NEWSPAPER: The Campaign to Control Cancer 
Manifest Communications. Creative Direction, Copywriting. Art Direction: Shawn Murenbeeld. 

This campaign influenced the Canadian government to fund the Canadian Partnership Against Cancer for $520 million. 
Communique. Creative Direction, Copywriting. Art Direction: Shawn Murenbeeld. 

I was copywriter and creative director on this 40-page self-esteem mantra, masquerading as a catalogue. 
OUTDOOR: Good Shepherd Centres
Manifest Communications. Creative Director. Creative Team: Jeff Katz, Deborah Caprara 
Our simple idea was to find the people in the problems.
OUTDOOR: Ontario Chiropractic Association
Manifest Communications. Creative Direction, Copywriting. Art Direction: Shawn Murenbeeld
I commend the client for saying yes to these award-winning ads. They also were designed to cause neck pain, making them a good return on their investment.
BRANDING AND DESIGN: Goodwill Ontario Retail Rebrand
Manifest Communications. Creative Direction, Copywriting. Art Direction: Shawn Murenbeeld
This is one of those cases where we needed to help the public understand the client's true purpose without advertising.

EXPERIENTIAL: Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association
"Housing Opens Doors" was the theme I created for this experiential advertising campaign: the working doors explained the benefits of affordable housing, and when you rang the doorbell, a website counted the rings. I was the creative director and did much of the copywriting.

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